What is Doggy Daycare ?

Relatively new to the dog scene, dog daycare has quickly emerged as a needed service for dogs and their owners. Many busy owners don't have the time to exercise and socialize their dogs. Our spacious indoor/outdoor cage free facilities are designed to give your dog a safe, friendly environment where he can have fun while benefiting from being part of a "pack".

The day is structured to include free playtime organized games that exercise both mind and body rest periods for when a break is needed · Owners often notice a positive change in their dog's behavior after attending daycare. Much like children learn in kindergarten, your dog will learn that he can wait his turn, be polite, and that it's okay to be away from Mom and Dad.

Benefits of Doggy Daycare

It's not always possible to stay home and play with your dog all day. That's the dream. The reality is daycare. The Dog Emporium understands that safety is your main concern, while your pet just wants to play. Our staff members get to know each pet individually in order to keep them safe and engaged with their peers, using time-outs and treats when needed.We have multiple, spacious play areas to allow your dog to run! Dogs are separated during play according to size and personality. Our staff provides tender, loving care while keeping the peace.


Mental Stimulation

Dogs that sit at home all day can go crazy with boredom. Many dogs that are destructive at home are simply trying to find a way to entertain themselves. At Daily Daycare, we engage your dog in activities that stimulate your dog mentally and emotionally. When you pick up your puppy at day’s end, your dog will be happily exhausted - He/She will just want to crawl up in your lap and cuddle at home

With Daily Daycare, we socialize your puppy or adult dog and help you rehabilitate aggressive or fearful adult dogs. Dogs that are well socialized are better at playing with people, playing with other dogs, tolerating strangers, adapting to strange environments and become more confident and more emotionally healthy.





Dogs are creatures that move. Think about this, a young Lab or Golden needs anywhere where from 2-4 hours of activity a day in order to be satisfied. At dog day care, your dog walks and plays with other dogs in a carefully structured manner.