Puppy Classes

For puppies 12 weeks to 5 months of age

This class focuses on peer socialization. In our safe and controlled environment, your puppy will be encouraged to socialize, which is crucial to their becoming a friendly, well-adjusted adult dog. We'll also discuss general puppy care, nutrition, grooming, housetraining, biting, chewing, and jumping. The exercises introduced here also provide a great foundation for future training.

Duration: 6 weeks   Cost: $150

Manners Classes

For dogs 5 months and older

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Basic Manners is the start of your path to a perfect pup! This 6-week training journey will introduce you to all the skills you need to actively communicate with your dog and guide them through the daily journey of being a well-mannered citizen dog. We will be working on fundamental skills, loose leash walking, recall, dog behaviour, basic commands and more.

Duration: 6 weeks   Cost: $180

Private Classes

For dogs 5 months and older

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All private training sessions provide individualized dog training programs based on the specific needs of both the owner and the dog. Our highly knowledgeable trainers will accommodate all training needs ranging from a basic obedience to aggression problems. 

Duration: As Required   Cost: $60 p.h.

Call 5575 2200 for bookings